Georgia’s Near Ban on Abortion is in Effect —–

If you are sexually active, the November 8 election could change your life.

  • Statistics say more than 100 University of North Georgia students will get pregnant this academic year.*
  • Many will not know they are pregnant until it’s too late for an abortion in Georgia.
  • Many of them will have used contraception properly.

What is Georgia’s “Heartbeat Bill”?

  • First, it’s misnamed. It should be called the “6-week abortion ban.”
  • This new law prohibits abortion after about six weeks, before many people know they are pregnant, especially if they have an irregular cycle.
  • It requires that private health records be turned over to the DA for investigation.
  • It does NOT allow for abortion in cases of rape unless a police report is filed.

What next?

Republicans have made it clear that this is just the beginning: the goal is a nationwide ban on abortion.
Many Republicans want to limit access to safe and effective birth control such as the pill or IUD’s because they prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine wall.

What’s the bottom line?

If you get pregnant, Republican politicians can force you to bear a child you’re not ready to raise. If you are raped and get pregnant, Republican politicians can force you to endure a police investigation you’d rather not go through, just to access reproductive healthcare.

This November, vote for Democrats who will protect your rights against extreme Republican interests.

Download the above flyer and share it with Georgia college students and young people you love.

We are working to protect your rights

Preserve democracy, women’s health, Medicare, Social Security, and your right to privacy. Get out and vote for Democrats in North Georgia.

Mike Ford

U.S. Congress Ninth District

I swore an oath to support and defend our Constitution when I enlisted in the US Army in 1965. I swore this oath again when I was admitted to practice before the State and Federal Courts. I take those words seriously.

Elected officials must have the moral courage to speak the truth and do their duty. As a Congressman, I will bring moral courage to the office. I am running to make a difference for the people of the 9th District.



We chose to run in this heavily Republican district because our democracy works best when voices from all parties participate. In November, you have a critical choice to vote for Democratic candidates who wish to advance the interests of all North Georgians – instead of extremist Republicans who will take our state backward just to get elected. A few percentage votes in a statewide election make a big difference in turning Georgia Blue.

Vote for your fellow citizens from Northeast Georgia – Mike Ford, Kim Floria, Paulette Williams, and Devin Pandy.

Paulette Williams

State Senate District 50 – Northeast Georgia

I am a long-time Rabun County resident who advocates for all my Northeast Georgia neighbors. As a US Army Veteran, I can see that our Democracy is at stake.

Small rural areas like Northeast Georiga can make a difference in the State Senate. State legislatures all over the country are restricting the right to vote, a woman’s right to privacy, and the right to the healthcare we paid for with our tax dollars. We need strong leadership to keep our schools open, Main Street thriving, hospitals from shutting down, and opportunities alive with full broadband.


Kim Floria

Georgia House District 30 – South Hall & NE Gwinnett

I am running to represent you because I believe our community deserves someone who will give back. I’d be honored to use my tireless energy to help this community become an even better place for our children.

I learned the value of justice and equality from my father, who practiced law and often provided pro-bono services to those who didn’t have the means to pay. Let’s celebrate our differences while acknowledging what we have in common.


Devin Pandy

State Senate District 50 – Northeast Georgia

I am a man of faith, a husband, and a father. As a retired US Army combat veteran, I continue to serve my country by serving my community, and I will never stop serving you.

The government has no business in your doctor’s office or in the privacy of your home. It certainly has no ground to infringe on the personal decisions you make about your health. 


June Krise

Georgia House District 8 

I was endorsed by the Georgia Win List to fight to protect your rights. I will protect Georgians against radicals on both sides who are preventing Republicans and Democrats from getting along. 

As a registered nurse, I will protect the Affordable Care Act, expand Medicaid in Georgia, lower the cost of prescription drugs, and ensure equal access to healthcare for all Georgians.


Vision, Issues, & Values

PROVIDE affordable healthcare for all.

EXPAND Medicaid to bring $3.5 billion annually of our dollars back to Georgia.

SUPPORT a women’s right to privacy.

BRING fast, affordable internet to rural areas.

SAVE our rural hospitals.

SUPPORT our veterans.

Serving The Community

9th District Democrats are creating choice in representation and want ALL the people in Northeast Georgia to have a voice locally and nationally.

United By A Common Goal

Georgia Democrats have a long history of fighting for change. It’s never been more important for every one of us to use our voices to speak up and be heard.

Get Involved

Your fellow citizens can’t win this race without your help. Social Media, word-of-mouth, donating, and of course, voting will allow us to achieve our goals together.

News & Updates 

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